OKM Gepard GPR – Ground Penetrating Radar


Device name GEPARD GPR
Brand OKM
Research System Imaging
Objective Pipes, cables and underground spaces
Underground search Depth 40 meters
Warranty 3 years
Made in Germany


OKM Gepard GPR – Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar with Android Tablet PC.

The Gepard GPR is a very flexible, transportable and powerful ground penetrating radar for detecting underground items like pipelines, cavities, cables, conduits, tunnels, bunkers, foundations and the like. The Gepard ground penetrating radar uses an omni-directional unshielded transmission system to reach maximum depths up to 40 meters deep. This light, agile and compact unit can be easily operated by a single operator.


  • Gepard GPR the Cable Detector is the perfect Metal Detector optimized for the detecting of pipes, cables, cavities, and tunnels
  • Gepard GPR is a modern radar for soil penetrating designed to detect underground objects and structures such as pipelines, cavities, tunnels, foundations, and many other similar objects.
  • It works with the imaging system, as it gives an image of the electromagnetic waves of the underground target, which can be interpreted and understood through an analytical program Installed on the device to read the data
  • Gepard GPR the penetrating radar uses telescopic sensors to penetrate up to a maximum depth of 40 meters underground
  • Gepard GPR is a lightweight, flexible and the device is integrated with underground radar that can be operated by the user very easily.


  • Warranty : 2 Year Limited
  • Total Weight : 3.7 lbs (1.7 kgs)
  • Frequency : 60 MHz up to 300 MHz
  • Voltage : 9.6-13.2 VDC, 18 W Maximal
  • Data Transmission Technology : Bluetooth
  • Depth : Reaches Depths up to 131` Deep (40 m)
  • Software : Can Integrate a GPS Signal, Google Maps, Automatic Filtering and Entering Notes for Later Recollection of Specific Scan Details

Available languages: Available in English

Factory Included Accessories:

  • Tablet PC
  • (6) Antenna
  • Control Unit
  • Travel Adapter
  • GPR Receiving Unit
  • (8) AA batteries 1.5V
  • GPR Transmitting Unit
  • Charger for Control Unit
  • Wireless Headphones Incl. Batteries
  • Waterproof and Shock Resistant Peli Case



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