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We provide warranty on all items and change the guarantee depending on the product if the equipment is sent in for maintenance. Please send the warranty card that came with the equipment to the factory, and we will mail it to you after it has been repaired.

We Provide the most accurate and up-to-date techniques and technology detectors gold and treasures and minerals, caves and underground water, and programs and training courses and professional setups and all technologies and systems through practical experience and direct field at the hands of the best Trained and engineers specializing in detection systems and exploration.

We provide the best means of exploration and study of the client’s request, as well as the nomination of the right device for work and the nature of the ground to be detected by and attached with each product certificate Manufacturing International with card guaranty and warranty workmanship approved by all authorized distributors worldwide, so that the client can benefit from all services.




Best metal detector is a leading detector company committed to delivering experience for our discerning clientele. 

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