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We thank you for visiting the Best Metal Detector Store website and we are pleased with your precious confidence in us that leads you to the choice of products.

In addition to the special pricing, our company also offers a set of integrated training programs, and because we are accredited agents for the majority of international factories, we have developed the best and lowest prices that are unavailable to other companies.

Dear clients: Our ambition knows no bounds. We strive to maintain the high and advanced levels we have attained by exchanging new perspectives and ideas with our customers in order to provide them with all the exploration expertise they require, just as we would provide you with advanced and integrated gold and metals detection devices.

Prices and discounts:

– Dear consumers, our company offers the most competitive prices on all available devices, as well as ongoing and ever-changing specials.

To find out the prices of the devices, please send an email containing the product’s name so that we can provide you with the applicable offers and discounts.

– You can also contact the sales department to inquire about the available devices, their prices, and how to purchase them via the phone numbers listed on this website, which you can also use to communicate with us via WhatsApp and Viber; the sales team will receive your messages and will be available 24 hours a day to assist you.


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–  We do accept payment via Bank Transfer, and CRYPTO CURRENY


Best metal detector is a leading detector company committed to delivering experience for our discerning clientele. 

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