Lorenz Deepmax Z1


Device name LORENZ DEEP MAX Z1
Research System Sound + Imaging System
Objective Archaeological Treasures and Precious Metals
Underground search Depth 9 meters
Warranty 3 years
Made in Germany



  • LORENZ DEEP MAX Z1 the precious metals detector device:
  • One of the best systems to detect treasures, gold, and metals with high precision, Lorenz Deep Max Z1 is a new device by Lorenz the German global manufacturer, which provided us with a lot of precise devices, sophisticated systems, and accurate technologies in the field of treasures detection,
  • Lorenz devices always gave the most accurate results in the exploration of all the areas contained gold and relics precious treasures and historical fossils, and the device was tested after long research, which dealt with several kinds of terrain and hard lands to be the highest selling device of the German Lorenz global manufacturer.
  • This new system is characterized by its ability to detect raw gold and metals of any size with the feature of direct imaging through the analytical program to accurately clarify all the details of the targets founded by the device of metals and spaces with the feature of depth determination and GPS tracking system
  • In addition to the automatic balancing of the soil to ensure that the device is not affected by any interference caused by wet soil, mineral rocks or solid lands

Available languages:

Language available in the device is: English

Device Specifications:

  • The device operates through the Pulse Induction System. And it is characterized by the penetration of the underground to reach depths that are difficult for many other devices to reach.
  • The device is turned on after connecting the main accessories namely the battery, speakers, search disks or deep search sensors as the user desire to search for surface underground depths or more deeper depths
  • The main menu is entered after the operation of the device and through which the sensitivity level is controlled to choose the search frequency strength, volume level and level of light. When the installation and the default settings of the device is completed, the automatic soil calibration is entered very easily this exclusively feature is only available in this giant device
  • The device works with a precise imaging program. The information of the area where the user wants to search is stored and then transmitted by connecting the hard drive to the flash memory supplied with the device, then the data is transferred to the laptop and the data stored in the flash memory is entered into the super accurate imaging analytical program that determines the type, depth, size and dimensions of the target in a 3D system.
  • The device works to clarify the target through very accurate graphic images that help to identify all the target information easily. In addition to the possibility of locating any target detected in through the GPS device program

Device Components:

  1. The main operating unit
  2. The arm of holding all kinds of search disks
  3. Wear that is supplied with a belt to carry the battery and the device with ease
  4. The GPS locator
  5. USB Flash memory
  6. 3D imaging and analytical program
  7. Solid protective box to save all components of the device
  8. The Search disk 35 centimeters to detect the small size targets up to 3 meters underground depth
  9. The Search disk 45 centimeters to detect the small size targets such as coins up to 4 meters underground depth
  10. The Search disk 1 × 1 meter to detect the targets up to 5 meters underground depth which is characterized by non-affected small sizes of value, such as nails and metal cans that have no value
  11. Electric cable pipes that measure “0.67 × 0.67”, “1 × 1”, and “1 × 2” which can be arranged into 3 or 4 rolls to detect an area of up to 16 square meters
  12. Electric cable pipes that measure “1 × 1”, “1.5 × 1.5”, and “3 × 3” which can be arranged into 3 or 4 rolls to detect an area of up to 16 square meters


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