OKM Fusion Professional Plus With Tablet PC


The Professional Plus version is ideal for advanced users that need more operating features. Lightweight 3D Metal Detector & 3D Ground Scanner with telescopic rod assembly and complete functionality.


The OKM Fusion was created for beginners in the field of 3D measurements, and it has simple operation as well as complex scanning features. Treasure hunters, gold seekers, explorers, and archaeologists can use the 3D ground scanner OKM Fusion to find lost treasures, buried antiquities, hidden sites, and other historical items.

The advanced professional plus version can be used in vertical and horizontal orientation and supports following operating modes:

  • Ground Scan
    Conduct a graphical 3d measurement for detailed analysis on a computer.
  • Live Sound
    Process an acoustical magnetic field measurement to detect ferrous metals.
  • Live Scan (Multi-Sensor, Ultrasound)
    Process an instant live image while walking the scan field.

The SRIS search coil, which may be utilized to locate short-range metallic objects, is one of the new detecting characteristics. The operator can activate this coil separately while configuring the operating modes Live Sound, Ground Scan, and Live Scan (Ultrasound). The SRIS search coil can be quite beneficial in locating targets when digging. It is simple to discover the overall location of a buried object with our 3D ground scanner and metal detector OKM Fusion, but once you start digging, it can be quite difficult to precisely match the accurate locations of hidden goods.

By checking the excavated material with activated SRIS search coil you won`t miss any small object like:

  • wedding bands and engagement rings
  • ear rings, brooches, bracelets and necklace
  • coins, buttons, badges and pins

While scanning an unfamiliar region and recording measurement values, the Visualizer 3D software can instantly analyze and visualize this data to produce a color-coded 3D representation of concealed items and structures. Thus, before excavating, you will practically “see” all buried valuables, gold goods, archaeological artifacts, and other concealed stuff. You may also determine the size, position, and depth of your identified items. So you know where to dig and how deep to dig to find your targets.


  • Bluetooth headphones
  • Wireless data transfer
  • Preconfigured Tablet-PC
  • Data visualization with Visualizer 3D software
  • New SRIS search coil for small shallow metal targets
  • Well packed in a waterproof and shock resistant Pelican case

Factory Included Accessories:

  • Control unit
  • User Manual
  • Windows Tablet PC
  • USB bluetooth dongle
  • 3D software ( “Visualizer 3D” )
  • Wireless headphones (Bluetooth)
  • Waterproof and shock resistant Peli case
  • Plus : Holder for Tablet PC
  • Plus : Telescopic rod assembly


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