GMT 9000


Device name GMT 9000
Brand Whites
Research System Sound System
Objective Raw Gold and Metals
Underground search Depth 2 meters
Warranty 2 years
Made in USA


The GMT 9000 device benefits, which are solely held by the international Gold Detector.
GMT 9000 Gold Nuggets detector is a very strong detector for all types of metals including gold, gold nuggets, and silver that is held exclusively by the international Golden Detector.

White’s Electronics Inc. GMT stands for “Gold Master” and is utilized in goldfields all over the world! This detector overlooks the tough ground common in gold-bearing locations to ease prospecting and find large and small nuggets as well as coins. The GMT is designed for gold country, with a 48 kHz operating frequency (the best for gold) and a waterproof search coil suitable for streams and rivers. High-end features such as the iron target analyzer make hunting more enjoyable. For sophisticated users, manual controls are accessible, and each option includes a recommended initial value.

GMT 9000 gold ore detector A very powerful detector for all types of metals including gold, gold nuggets, and silver.

– The device can discover gold nuggets, small gold nuggets, and natural gold veins underground, and also discover buried treasures and ancient currencies.

– The device can distinguish between minerals and clarify the type of metal discovered

– The device works in all different terrain easily, difficult, and rocky.

– The best choice for prospecting is as it gives you complete accuracy in the results.

– The King of gold GMT 9000 is a white,s GMT program that has been updated for the 21st century using advanced ground tracking technology and increased power. A device with a new XGB (Extreme Ground Balance) system

Device program Functions

– High sensitivity

– Made in the USA

– The advantage of isolated iron

– depth of up to 2 meters

GMT 9000 Device features

  • Cancel Search for metal iron and not give any indication of the characteristic
  • Frequency adjustable by the user skills by
  • Search systemfor all metals and a system full of discrimination and comprehensive metal
  • Special system to determine the strength and Haceh search
  • Control the sound level and type of resonance
  • High speed and accuracy in performance
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Sensitive Medium search, sensitive and great search

Device Components


– The operating unit main contain a search screen

– 7.4 Volt Lithium Battery – File Deep Search

– File Search multi–use

– File search surface

– Bag to carry the device

– Charger home

– Car Charger

– Headphones Head, the Set

– Laser camera

– Detect toxins device

– Bag to carry the screen

– Distinctive training systems

– Catalogs in Arabic and English

– CD – DVD training in Arabic

GMT 9000 gold ore detector

Technology specialized in searching for raw gold and precious metals, and one of the most powerful global devices specialized in detecting raw gold.

The device works efficiently in all types of land, especially sandy lands, and contains an automatic calibration option. Iron and non-valuable metals can be completely isolated from the search process Also, the sensitivity, signal strength, sound, and light strength can be controlled.

First WorldWide Company

GOLDEN DETECTOR is the best gold & metal detector distributor in the Middle East, which is introducing only genuine brands and products to its markets such as OKM, Minelab, GeoGround, and Mega Locators, and many more.

GOLDEN DETECTOR Group is specializing in all geological tools and digital precision technology for the detection of gold, metal, minerals, and groundwater


Due to ongoing innovation, detectors now provide additional features that help professionals like treasure hunters, archaeologists, and users in their work.

The key advancements include wider measurement ranges, more accurate measurement findings, and straightforward use of geophysical measuring tools and software.

A few of the many user-friendly features are clear menu layouts, multilingual user interfaces, and colourful displays. Livestream and wireless data transfer are basic aspects of the most recent detector generations in our fast-paced, networked society.


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