Nokta Makro ANFIBIO Multi Metal Detector


Factory Included Accessories:

  • 2.4 GHz Wireless Headphones – Green Edition
  • USB Charging & Data Cable
  • AC Charger
  • Coil Cover
  • User Manual & Warranty Certificate
DEPTH 2 Meter
MADE IN Turkey


The Nokta | Makro Anfibio Multi is the most durable model in the Nokta | Metal detector macro line. The multi-functional metal detector! It is regarded as an improvement over the Makro Multi Kruzer. It can detect three separate frequencies and has a larger range of audio frequencies, search modes, and audio tones. 5kHz, 14kHz, and 20kHz Because of this technology, the Anfibio Multi is a detector for all search locations. These detectors are unaffected by saline environments or strongly mineralized soils! Submersible to a depth of five meters and dust-proof. There are numerous options and functions! This detector comes with seven Nokta coil options! A straightforward display with a single menu for simple operation!

Search programs

  1. all metals
  2. two audio tones
  3. three audio tones
  4. four audio tones
  5. five audio tones
  6. 99 tones
  7. Beach mode (Advanced beach mode with very stable operation in dry sand and under water)
  8. Deep (Extra Deep)
  9. cache

The Nokta Makro Anfibio Multi is waterproof up to 5 meters. Protection class IP68 (tight against dust and contact! Really waterproof: protection against the ingress of water up to permanent and complete submersion in water)

Save time identifying desired targets and spending less time digging

The metal detector adjusts the depth levels (Target ID). The metal guide numbers are displayed from 0 to 99

The smaller sister of the Nokta Anfibio Multi is the  » NOKTA MULTI KRUZER

Settings at a glance

  • Digital detector with number identification (ID numbers 1-99)
  • Online firmware software update system
  • 2.4 GZh wireless headphones Built-in 3700mAh Li-Po battery, USB chargeable
  • (The operating time is about 19 hours, depending on usage.
  • Numerical object discrimination (unwanted metals / objects can be filtered out)
  • LED white light, display backlight, key lighting
  • Automatic and manual ground balance + ground adjustment
  • Frequency switch, crossover
  • Storage for internal settings
  • new and reinforced telescopic rods


  • Warranty : 2 Year Limited
  • Total Weight : 3.7 lbs (1.7 kgs) Including Coil
  • Operating Frequencies : 5kHz / 14kHz / 20kHz
  • IP68 Rating : Up to 16.4` (5 meters) Waterproof!
  • Design : Telescopic Shaft, Slideable Armrest & Backlit Keypad
  • Battery : 3700mAh Lithium Polymer; Offers up to 19 Hours of Operation
  • Search Modes : 9 (GEN, 2 Tone, 3 Tone, 4 Tone, 5 Tone, 99 Tone, Beach, Deep, Cache)
  • Advanced Beach Mode : Very Stable Operation in Dry Sand, Wet Sand and Underwater
  • E.U.D (Extra Underground Depth) Function : Detect Certain Metals Masked by Ground Conditions and / or at Fringe Depths

Technical specifications

  • VLF
  • Display custom LCD
  • Frequency: Multi-frequency from 5KHz, 14KHz to 20KHz
  • Audio frequencies 50 Hz – 800 Hz adjustable
  • 9 Search Programs (All Metals, Two Audio Tones, Three Audio Tones, Four Audio Tones, Five Audio Tones, 99 Audio Tones, Cache, Beach, Deep Search Mode)
  • Ground balance automatic, manual, +ground adjustment (Ground Track)
  • IronAudio
  • tone break
  • notches
  • Notch volume
  • pin point
  • frequency switch
  • vibration
  • Sensitivity setting (Sensitivity / Depth) 1 to 99
  • Numeric master value display: 1 to 99
  • Standard search coil AF28 – DD 2 8cm waterproof)
  • Weight 1.7 kg including search coil and batteries
  • Length adjustable from 76 cm to 136 cm
  • Power supply: Built-in 3700 mAh Li-Po battery, USB chargeable

Including wireless headphones

With 2.4 GHz wireless headphones. Wireless freedom with zero latency.

Scope of delivery of the Nokta Makro Anfibio Multi

  • Nokta Makro Anfibio Multi Metal Detector
  • AF 28 search coil DD 28cm
  • 2.4 GZh wireless headphones
  • USB cable
  • Operating instructions in German
  • 2 year guarantee


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