Mega G3


Device name Mega G3
Brand Mega Locators
Research System Long-Rang Sensor Scanning System – Ionic System
Surface Search Range 2000 meters
Underground search Depth 40 meters
Warranty 5 years
Made in Germany


MEGA G3 was released after a long wait and numerous experiments in several countries and locations around the world. This is the second version of Mega Detection, the worldwide newer technology in the field of detection of gold treasures and metals, without being influenced by rocks or erroneous signals emitted from the ground, without fuss or fatigue as it gets in the devices currently in use.

Mega G3

  • The Mega 3 long range locator new version 2019 is the latest release by Gold Master Global the exclusive agent of Mega Locators the leading German manufacturer in the field of gold and Metal Detectors
  • An easy-to-use device that operates on two detecting systems, the long-range sensor, and Ionic systems with an affordable price that fits all prospectors budgets now you can get it only and exclusively through Gold Master Global
  • The MEGA G3 device is the second generation of MEGA DETECTION technology, the best to discover treasures and precious metals such as gold, silver, and diamonds.
  • This technology gives accurate results in the toughest terrain (rocks – mountains – deserts).
  • In this new version of The Mega G3 Device comes with many new features and updates on the operating system of the device and the electronic radars and the device program to meet the needs and aspirations of the user who searches for gold and treasures
  • Using Mega G3 you can search for natural gold veins, buried gold, antique gold treasures, and ancient natural silver up to an underground depth of 40 meters and the device give a carefully explored and amazing high results.
  • The Mega G3 Features
  • Mega G3 The new version is characterized by its ease of use, and its characteristics that qualify the user for gold and metal exploration
  • The Mega G3 works effectively in all types of terrain and it is not affected at all by environmental factors such as rocks, mountains, and clay or rocky terrain
  • The Device gives you quick and accurate responses, thanks to the German Technology that has provided the dive with High-quality electronic system and a unique practical design.
  • The Search Systems of the new version of the MEGA G3 2019:
  • The Long-range sensor system:
  • The Mega G3 long-range sensor system is an ideal option for prospectors and treasure hunters where they can scan large and far areas in a short time in an easy and effortless manner.
  • The device operates at a distance of 2000 meters on the surface level and underground depth of 40 meters. And it contains eight different scanning programs for gold and metal detection.
  • The sensor system in the Mega G3 device has eight search programs which are:
    1. The Row Gold detection program
    2. The Gold Treasures detection Program
    3. The Silver detection program
    4. The Bronze detection program
    5. The Copper detection program
    6. The Gemstones detection program
    7. The Diamond detection program
    8. The Caves and spaces detection program
  • Measuring the target depth:
  • At the highest point of the goal enter the nails or the pegs from the depth measuring unit about 8 cm in the ground then Adjust the exact frequency on five then Choose the program of the target from the main unit
  • Wait three to four minutes Stand on the target and monitor the antennas which are turning to one side and that will be the first point of the signal,
  • After moving from the target point you will notice that the antennas will gradually move forward.
  • Then Stop when the antennas turn back on one side and that will be the second point of the signal,
  • The approximate depth of the target is the distance between the two signal points
  • And then at a distance of 45 degrees from the second signal point. The user had to conduct several measurements for measuring the depth more accurately, the digital voltmeter on the Deep master will show the electrical voltage of the battery
  • After choosing the target, the software loading screen will appear followed by the search screen.
  • The program name which has been selected by the user will appear with the table of distances and depths.
  • The User can switch between the distances and depths through the top and bottom buttons.
  • The exact frequency settings can be changed by pressing the bottom button until you hear a different tone and change the value via the Right and left button,
  • The user can increase or decrease the frequency to 12 Hz, the rate increase 1 Hz per compression
  • The Ionic scanning system:
  • How to Use the Ionic system:
  • First, the user need to install the device Mini-Sensor and connect the installation rings, The He needs to choose the Ionic system from the selection systems list, and then the device will show the Ionic oscillations survey on the screen
  • The ionic scanning system is used to detect ionic fields that are produced by long-buried underground metals. All metals have their own ionic fields, and that field effect increases by the increase of the period of the underground metal’s presence.
  • And by the metal acquiring more electronics from the surrounding environment, these effects will be vary depending on the metal different ground factors in this region
  • The ionic system is based on the scientific basis of the characteristics of the metal, its chemical composition and the metal rank in the periodic metal table. The ionic scanning system can capture signals from these ionic fields from long distances and can alert the user in case of approaching them
  • The use and the Calibration of ionic scanner:
  • When the device is turned on, please select the Ionic system from the system selection screen
  • When starting the system, please re-set the system first by pressing the reset button on the scanner
  • After finishing the calibration of the device, start to make some movements starting from the right and left and a few times up and down while walking holding the device,
  • When the device detects a target it will issue a sound alert synchronous with an emergence of vibrations in the search screen
  • and whenever that signals of the alarm sound and vibrations were increased on the search screen the near you are to the discovered target
  • The Ionic system can be used to search from different positions or f high or low areas, and it is never affected by the walking speed of the user

Available languages

  • The Mega G3 device is being used all around the world that is why it has 8 operating languages available.
  • The user can select one from the list when the device is turned on and the device works according to this language even after the shutdown and restart.
  • Languages available in the device are: German, English, Russian, French, Spanish, Persian, Turkish, and Arabic

Device Components:

  1. Lithium battery works up to 72 hours efficiently
  2. Carrying case
  3. The main unit of the device
  4. Search antennas
  5. Headphones
  6. Reinforced signal plate
  7. Car charger
  8. Home charger
  9. Charging Cable
  10. Mini SENSOR for ionic scanning1
  11. Depth measurement unit
  12. User Guide


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