Mega Scan Pro


Device name Mega Scan Pro
Brand Mega Locators
Research System Long-Range Sensor, Ionic and Magnetic System
Surface Search Range 2000 meters
Underground search Depth 40 meters
Warranty 5 years
Made in Germany


Mega Scan Pro metal detector from Mega Locators – Germany has been updated with new programs and a new design for the magnetic sensor and carrying case.

The Mega Scan Pro’s power stems from the inclusion of three search systems with varying techniques within the device, namely the long-range locator system, the ionic scanning system, and the magnetic system, which provides the user and prospector with a variety of search options in his search for gold and other precious metals.

The new Mega Scan Pro is a multi-purpose gadget that is also simple to use, due to a simple graphical interface and preset search algorithms that include most precious metals such as gold, silver, and bronze, as well as programs to discover diamonds and gemstones.

The Mega Scan Pro metal detector is recommended for any prospector looking for the simplest approach to search for buried treasures buried deep below at depths that typical metal detecting devices (electromagnetic devices) cannot reach.

Mega Scan Pro 2020 Features

Multiple Search Systems

mega scan pro search systems

One of the most important features of the Mega Scan Pro  is that it includes three different search systems

for gold and metal detection operating in a variety of technologies within a single device .

and this gives the best practical experience to discover different metals and give more reliable results.

User can use any system to search, through the installation of appropriate pieces (antennas or sensors)

and then choose the system from the list of search systems and start the search directly.

The user can use one of the search systems or combine more than one search system to search

for all types of metals (precious and non-precious), buried gold or raw natural gold, diamonds, precious stones, tunnels…etc.

Mega Scan Pro includes following  search  systems :

1 – Long Range Locator System:

It is used to detect targets from long distances (front scan range 250 – 2000 meters)

and to very deep depths within the range (5 to 40 meters).

The prospector can search using this system by connecting the search antennas

to the front of the 180-degree small rotatable unit located at the front of the main unit.

After the selection of the “Long Range Locator system” from the system mode menu

then choose one of the ten predefined programs (will be detailed later)

and then the device will search for this specific metal signal only , the antennas that move towards the target

the search from more than one direction you can get a precise and approximate location

of the target site and then use the depth measurement unit to determine the depth accurately.

2 – Magnetometer System:

mega scan pro magnetometer system

This system is specially designed to detect magnetic metal such as iron and steel

as well as it is useful for detecting spaces such as basements, tunnels and other underground cavities.

This system is used by the installation of the sensor or magnetometer within the outlet on the front of the main unit

and choose the Magnetometer System from the list of systems, and then use the sensor and pass it over the ground

to detect any magnetic metal or space exists beneath it and user know this through an indicator on the screen

or via an audio alert that can be heard through the internal amplifier or by wearing the headphones attached

to the device and connecting them to the audio port of the main unit.

3 – Ionic Scan System (I-Scanner):

mega scan pro ionic scan system

The Ionic scanning system in Mega Scan Pro detect long-buried gold treasures

and is therefore ideal for finding gold treasures, coins and ancient antiques.

Then after connecting the Mini Sensor, from the System Mode menu, the device searches for the ionic fields

coming from buried objects for a long time and displays their signals on the screen.

Search Programs

The long-range locator system can detect different types of precious and non-precious metals

through pre-programmed programs that include specific settings for detecting a particular type

of metal or targets. There are 10 search programs as following:

  1. Copper
  2. Bronze
  3. Silver
  4. Gold Nuggets
  5. Golden treasure
  6. Diamonds
  7. Gemstones
  8. Caves and spaces
  9. Platinum
  10. Iron

Search Sensors

A magnetic probe (Magnetometer) is a special sensor for the detection of magnetic fields from

underground magnetic minerals such as iron, as well as underground spaces such as caves and tunnels.

It is used with the magnetic system.

Mini-Sensor is a measurement sensor specially designed to detect ionic fields from long-buried

metal objects such as treasure chests and old gold coins. This sensor is used with the ion system.

Depth Calculation

The Deep Master unit, called the depth measurement unit, used after the initial scan and

an approximate location of the potential target within a small area as described earlier.

The function of the depth measurement unit is to pump electrical energy into the ground

where it is placed in the center of the potential area.

The user starts moving from the point where the unit is planted, moving away from

the target and when the direction of the antennas is changed the user stop.

The approximate depth of the target is the distance between the unit and its stand position.

Note: This process can be performed more than once and from different directions

to obtain a more accurate depth. In this case, take the average of these distances

to obtain the depth value of the buried metal target.

Easy to use program

Mega Scan Pro has an easy-to-use program for both beginners and professionals

with a graphical user interface available in multiple languages, plus a multi-screen system and graphical menus.

The program allows you to select and modify the different settings through the buttons in the control panel

at the bottom of the screen, where you can modify the different options, including selecting the language

of the program and choose the search program and adjust the front distance and depth … etc.

Designed for Practical Use

The device is designed to facilitate the carrying and transfer and use in the fields of search

for metals and gold, so  the device is lightweight and with the design of the unique handle

enables the prospector to carry the device and ensure its balance when searching and ensure more accurate results.

The main unit includes a color TFT LCD screen and a screen of control panel consisting of

a variety of buttons used to control the device software and change the different settings on the display.

Lithium – Ion Batteries for Long Operating Time

The device equipped with lithium-ion batteries that are located on the side of the main unit

within their own cavity and can be easily disassembled and replaced with alternative batteries.

The batteries provide a long exploration time for the prospector when searching out in the detection fields.

The batteries charged with the supplied charger in the bag from any electrical outlet.

A car charger is also available to charge the device when exploring and searching areas far from cities and villages.


Mega Scan Pro


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