Evo 3D Imaging


Device name Evo
Research System Imaging System
Objective Buried Gold Treasures
Underground search Depth 8 meters
Warranty 2 years
Made in Turkey


Evo The 3D Imaging Gold Detector apparatus: This is the device for you if you are a prospector looking for Archaeological treasures in a covert manner. The Evo device is only available in two parts: a search stick and a mobile phone. The search stick resembles a regular personal stick and does not draw attention to itself.
Because the device is equipped with a high-technology imaging system that can detect precious and archaeological treasures up to an underground depth of 8 meters, you can take pictures of the targets underground and display them on the program designed to analyze images with your mobile phone.

Now, with the new Evo device, you can explore metals and detect gold using a search stick and a mobile device; the device is distinguished by its small size and secret usability, which allows you to discover treasures without anyone suspecting you; it is simply a stick and a mobile device that allows you to walk anywhere and find gold. And the riches and places through the direct, and the 3D imaging system, the device’s depth goes up to 8 meters below ground.

Available languages

Language available in the device is: English, Arabic, Turkish, Persian, French, and German

Device Specifications:

  • The Evo Device includes two imaging systems:
  1. The 3D imaging system “3D Ground Scanner”: In this system, you can scan a specific area of the ground by walking in one direction in a rectangle shape with certain dimensions (5 meters and 3 meters wide) as an instance. The search scanning data is stored and then transferred to the mobile phone screen by an integrated software installed to analyze the data, this program enables you to see the target and 3D images. You can find out the details of the target, whether it is gold or silver, or the depth of the target, and also the prospector can know what is the kind of the target, whether it was a box or small coins or any other thing through its 3D images Which shows an accurate picture of the shape of the buried targets
  2. The Direct imaging “Live Scanner”: This system enables the user to know the type, size, and depth of the target immediately, which saves time and effort.
  • The UMAD scanning technology: To clear ground layers to give the best accurate results using the enclosed probe.
  • The scanning Sensor: This special probe in its design and built-in high-resolution search technology enables the user to wipe soil layers to depths of up to 8 meters. This probe is designed as a stick that can be adjusted through the jaw and mounting joints from 60 cm to 120 cm*
  • A Simple and easy to use analytical program: With the application of the analytical program that is installed on the Android smart mobile phone of the device the user can control the device and adjust its settings through a simplified graphical and easy to understand interface.

The Lithium battery: Using this rechargeable battery the user can use the device for six hours continuously

Device Components:

  1. An android mobile phone
  2. Measuring probe (skimmer or sensor)
  3. The Device bag
  4. A Lithium battery lasts 6 hours
  5. Home charger
  6. Car charger
  7. Wireless module
  8. Charger connector (Socket)
  9. The tablet bag
  10. A belt
  11. The waist belt
  12. The user manual
  13. Two-year warranty certificate


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