GPZ 7000


Device name GPZ 7000
Research System Sound System
Objective Raw Gold
Underground search Depth 3 meters
Warranty 3 years
Made in USA


Minelab GPZ 7000 Metal Detector

includes 14×13″ Waterproof Super D Search Coil and Coil Cover Plus FREE Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting Equipment
The Minelab GPZ 7000 Gold Metal Detector is now available. Until date, no company has attempted or perfected a new innovative technique offered ONLY in the new GPZ 7000 gold detector. Amazing features that take gold hunting to a whole new level, allowing you to (now) detect incredibly deep gold nuggets and even the tiny particles of gold you previously overlooked. All gold miners hope for technologies that will allow them to uncover deeper gold in so-called worked out gold zones. The Minelab GPZ 7000 metal detector has been tested and verified to find small to large nuggets up to 40% DEEPER than the GPX 5000!
Be the first in your neighborhood to hunt your favorite gold hunting spots, and use the GPZ7000 to locate those deeper, larger nuggets you know must exist. Field tested by some of the most well-known gold hunters in the United States, the findings were dramatic and unequivocal confirmation that this detector is far superior to the rest in terms of discovering gold! Kellyco has been selling and employing Minelab Gold Detectors since 1996. Our hands-on experience is always available to you before and after any purchase. Call in the professionals!
The GPZ 7000 will be available in limited quantities. Order yours as soon as possible. Don’t pass up this chance to delve deeper than others while detecting in your favorite regions and in spots you’ve always wanted to seek.

GPZ 7000

  • GPZ 7000 The American Gold Detector:
  • GPZ 7000 device is one of the best products developed by the American company Mainlab. The device specializes in the ore gold search and small gold scraps with an underground depth that reaches up to 3 meters with the possibility of reaching a more deeper depth using the SUPER D search plate
  • The device is designed in accordance with modern technology and sophisticated to meet the needs of gold searchers of professional prospectors in all regions of the presence of gold in the world.
  • The GPZ 7000 is highly sensitive in detecting the smallest and most accurate pieces of rough gold, rough gold grains, and gold veins.
  • As well as settings that reduce the impact of high mineralized soils and radioactive rocks in the gold exploration fields, helping you find the smallest pieces of raw gold that you will not be able to find with any other similar device as it gives you the ability to search at an unparalleled depths.

Available languages

Languages available in the device are: English, French, and Arabic

Device Specifications:

  • This device had been designed according to The ZVL featured technology to reach 40% deeper than other devices to give you the ability to reach the depths that you ever want to reach.
  • The accurate Ground balancing: Most of the gold found in the ground is found in high mineralized land, which is difficult to find and uncover under the ground for many prospectors. Now, however, with the GPZ 7000 Device, you can make the automatic balance of the soil in an easy way even in the hardest terrain and high mineralization terrain
  • Noise protection: This device is equipped with immunity to noise caused by external air through 265 channels dedicated to canceling noise and filtering the signal to give you the ability to hear the sound
  • Discover gold only: The system is easy to use where you can access the list and settings of the device easily in addition to the manual to help you use the device in the gold detection process
  • Wireless audio outputs: You can listen to the sound of the device without using the headphones as you have the option to use the speaker added to the headphones added to the GPS system, The GPS will not make you lose any goal discovered during the search, You can save your targets to get back to them through Google Maps.
  • Water resistant: the 14-GPZ search disk can reach an underwater depth of 1 meter “3 feet” and it can be used in rivers and wetlands

Device Components:

  1. Search disks
  2. Cover to protect the search disks
  3. Headphone
  4. Device bags
  5. Column accessories
  6. Motion column
  7. Carrying jacket


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