GPX 5000


Device name GPX 5000
Research System Sound System
Objective Raw Gold
Underground search Depth 2 meters
Warranty 3 years
Made in USA


GPX 5000

GPX 5000 includes 11″ DD Coil and 15×12″ Mono Coil Search Coil Plus FREE Metal Detecting & Treasure Hunting Accessories. The GPX 5000 establishes a new standard in gold detection technology. The GPX 5000, with its incredible array of features and capabilities, is not only superior than its predecessor, the GPX-4500, but also in a class of its own. The high performance GPX 5000 is capable of locating more gold than ever before, thanks to Minelab’s proprietary technologies such as Multi Period Sensing (MPS), Dual Voltage Technology (DVT), and Smart Electronic Timing Alignment (SETA). The GPX 5000 can find everything from sub-gram nuggets to the elusive’retirement nugget’ and everything in between. The high-performance GPX 5000 metal detector can find more GOLD than ever before, from sub-gram nuggets to’retirement nuggets’ and all in between! NEW enhanced electronics, NEW soil/timings, and an incredible range of characteristics, along with the famed GPX ability to see through ground mineralization, establishes a new gold detecting benchmark.

  • GPX 5000 The Raw Gold Detector:
  • The GPX 5000 gold detector combines precision and sensitivity to detect the smallest gold pieces and raw natural gold nuggets up to an underground depth that reaches 2 meters
  • The Device is characterized by high specifications and techniques. The Minelab company has developed all of its high technology and gather it into the device to be the best device of its kind for detecting raw gold and all treasures and metals
  • The device has unique features and functions and an international patent, in addition to the control panel of the device is characterized by flexibility during use, and the device can be used on all types of terrain and the device includes eight different search modes in addition to the five search modes available in The GPX 4500 device which is the previous version of this device
  • The new device contains the following search modes: Archaeology detection, Pure gold detection, Gold nuggets detection, and rough gold veins detection, The device is also equipped with more sophisticated features to search for gold jewelry, coins, and it allows the search process for a deeper underground depths

Available languages

Language available in the device is: English and Arabic

Device Specifications:

  • Metal detector specialized in the search for metals and gold and determine their location with high accuracy
  • Specializes in the search for rough gold where it was specially designed with specifications and features to achieve this goal
  • The GPX 5000 is capable of detecting gold and sand gold
  • The characteristic of the full distinction of various precious and precious metals such as gold
  • The de-mining feature of the exploration process where the signals from the iron pieces are ignored
  • Soil calibration system
  • An automatic error correction system
  • Special sounds (tones) to detect gold
  • Lightweight and easy to use for beginners and professionals
  • The device operates on an 8-volt external battery
  • The device works for 12 hours continuously

Device Components:

  1. The main unit of the device includes electronic components with charging ports and a search disk cable port
  2. Search sensors (search disks with large and small scales)
  3. 8-Volt Battery
  4. The handle (arm) which is two pieces can be dismantled and installed to connect between the main unit and the search disk
  5. Headphone
  6. The training DVD containing videos showing how the device works and the correct instructions to use it
  7. Catalogs (user manual) in English
  8. Bag with different parts and components of the device
  9. Manufacturer guarantee certificate for one year


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