Gold Star 3D Scanner


Device name Gold Star 3D Scanner
Brand Mega Locators
Research System 8 Search Systems
Surface Search Range 2000  meters
Underground search Depth 50 meters
Warranty 5 years
Made in Germany


Gold Star 3D Scanner


  • 8 Search systems based on different search technologies.
  • Innovative easy to use modern software program with detailed settings.
  • Multi-language support example: English – French -Spanish.
  • New patented 3D ground scan technology with powerful tools.
  • Enhanced long-range detection technology with new features and options.
  • Multi-Feedback system via a device display screen, tablet, and sound.
  • Android Tablet (Optional) with 3D analyzer app for visual presentation of search results.



Complete Solution for Prospectors

Gold Star 3D Scanner applications and uses includes for example:

  • Detection of ancient lost treasures

Examples: gold coins, treasure boxes or chests, jewelry like rings, statues, and so on…

  • Underground cavities and spaces detection
  • Natural gold prospecting including gold nuggets, gold veins, and deposits
  • Precious minerals prospecting

3D Ground Scanner Probe

The 3D ground scanning probe called Imaging Scanner (IS61) is designed in a completely new way from traditional scanners with a modern design that includes electronic circuits with built-in sensors to let the ability to scan a larger search area faster.

Gold Star 3D Scanner

Live Scan Probe

This powerful sensor called Gradiometer Scanner Pointer (GSP Scanner) offers a powerful tool for live transmission or stream of detected signals coming from magnetic fields around buried objects and presents it visually on the device screen or Tablet computer.

GSP Scanner is also equipped with an innovative LED (Light system, that indicates underground targets visually. While scanning the ground this LED system emits colored light to visualize detected metals or cavities immediately.

Tablet PC & Android App

The bundled Tablet computer is an added value for the user experience as a visual view of the 3D ground scanning results, which provides better and more accurate tools through the installed 3D analysis app.

3D Analysis App that works on any Android device offers all the professional tools to represent the data visually in a three-dimensional space with the ability to analyze the data visually to reach the best results about the position and depth of the buried targets.

Enhanced Long Range Detection Technology

Gold Star 3D Scanner includes an enhanced long-range system that is significantly improved from the system available in other Mega Detection devices such as Mega Scan Pro.

The new system includes a more powerful technology to capture signals from buried targets more accurately and efficiently through redesigned antennas with wider user options within the software program of the device, with the ability to conduct the search manually, automatically, or in a custom manner in terms of soil type and search frequency to reach the best results.

Powerful Ionic Detection System

The completely new ionic detection system in the device ensures the reception of ionic field signals in a more efficient and accurate way with the ability to control parameters related to the signal such as sensitivity to find the deepest and largest targets.

The signal capture system integrated via Ion Sensor, which is designed in a completely new way, with an electronic circuit especially developed to ensure the detection of the weakest signals.

1 – Manual Long-Range System [Manual LRL]

A manual long-range system is a perfect choice for prospectors to find deep treasures from long distances and provide the widest coverage area.

The search process performed manually by the user who can adjust search parameters to get the best results.

Available settings include:

  • Target types like gold or silver
  • Distance or front scan range for example 500 m
  • Depth range for example 10 m

2 – Automatic Long-Range System [Auto LRL]

An automatic long-range system offers the user an automatic search process for finding buried metallic objects underground using the new long-range detection technology.

The device starts scan process and update the screen in real-time and display full information about possible nearby targets including target type, distance, estimated depth, and direction to reach it.

3 – Control Long-Range System [CTRL LRL]

This search system gives the prospector full control for long-range detection of possible targets as the user can adjust search frequency accurately for specific metal type detection.

In addition, users can control other search parameters such as soil type, scan distance, depth range for more fine-tuning of the detection process to reach correct results.

4 – Ionic Search System [Ionic]

The ionic search system offers the best system for the detection of long-time buried objects like golden treasures and ancient archaeological relics in the close surrounding areas.

It is possible with new ionic detection technology to adjust some settings like signal sensitivity and gain for optimal reception of objects’ ionic field signals.

The most important feature of the new ionic system is the ability to measure the estimated depth of potential metal objects.

5 – Bionic Search System [Bionic]

The bionic search system is similar to the previous ionic system in terms of work procedure and the same parameters and settings.

However, the difference is that here ionic signals are captured from a particular metal object, for example, gold, then the search is directed towards capturing similar ionic field signals from buried metal objects within the surrounding area.

In other words, in the ionic search system, the search is random and free. but for the bionic system, the search is directed according to predefined signal and thus gives more accurate results.

6 – Live Stream Search System [Live Stream]

Live Stream system is a reliable system for the detection of buried metal objects in real-time with direct visualization on either device screen or tablet with light feedback via integrated LEDs in GSP Scanner that change in color based on the detected object type.

The visual presentation of live-streamed signals is a color-based that reflect the nature of metal (ferrous or non-ferrous).

7 – 3D Ground Scan System [Ground Scan]

The new Imaging Scanner (IS61) probe with its wide coverage area enables a quick and reliable 3D scan of the specific ground area for the best results.

The control of scan process settings like scan mode, start point and scan path, and also the visualization of scan data can be presented either directly on the device screen or using a bundled tablet via an installed 3D analyzer app.

If the user chooses to control the scan via device screen, it allows him via multiple screens to choose all settings and parameters and finally display a colored visualization with full tools to know the structure, metal type, and depth of possible targets.



The user interface of device software available in multiple languages presents the most spoken and popular languages in the world including:

  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • Italian
  • Turkish
  • Persian
  • Arabic
  • Urdu
  • Hebrew


  • Waterproof and shock-resistant bag
  • Main Device Body
  • Antenna
  • Short Sensor
  • Long Sensor
  • Adapter
  • Scanner
  • Scanner Plastic Screw and Nut
  • Higher Stick
  • Medium Stick
  • Lower Stick
  • Arm Holder
  • Arm Holder Belt
  • Screw and Nut
  • Battery Body
  • AC Charger
  • Power Cable
  • Car Charger
  • Head Set
  • Warranty Certificate
  • User Manual


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